tips & Facts

Madisa is situated in the middle of vast wilderness and our wildlife is not fenced off, so it is always good to stay alert and be responsible.

tips (Do's and don'T's)

Some advice when our Desert Elephants pass through…

  • Do not shine torches at elephants, this will make them aggressive. 
  • When approached, do not RUN! Stop and slowly walk away. 
  • Do not scream or make loud noises. Elephants have extremely sensitive hearing. 
  • If pets are present, please keep them calm and try and subdue their barking.  
  • Listen and be attentive to branches breaking and ‘rumbling’ noises if moving around at night.  
  • Do not take flash photographs. If they are close by, just enjoy watching them. A memory can also last a lifetime.
  • Keep your distance. The elephants know we are here, if the situation is calm, they will remain calm. So please help us to give the elephants the respect they deserve.

Some more facts

  • Our water is drinkable however it has large amount of lime which is not hazardous but not nice for drinking. We have bottled water available for purchasing at the bar but as travelers by heart we know it is always a good idea to travel Namibia with a decent drinkable water supply.
  • Ice is not always available. Remember it is the desert. However, we do sell Ice 95.6% of the time. 
  • 2×4 cars can reach Madisa, but the road can get corrugated and quite bumpy at times. 
  • We do sell wood at Reception. This wood is collected form the area – please use it sparingly as we do not have a lot of it. 
  • Braai grids are also available, and we ask for a N$500 deposit which is refunded once the grid is returned.  
  • Please keep in mind that footprints vanish but our impact on our environment lasts a lifetime, respect our Madisa and all it entails. Our people are our greatest asset but so are our animals and environment. Be kind. 
  • We are a very relaxed camp.We are a very relaxed camp.   

Facts you should know

May our sun warm you, may our moon protect you, may our country fill you with kindness, happiness and an everlasting cherished memory.